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What Others Are Saying

Still in a Haze

“Spent Valentine’s Day with Miss Aubrey and let me tell you it was a day to remember. From the initial hello she was super sweet and welcomed me with opened arms. When the “talk” happened she was super opened to hearing what I was looking for and was excited to hear what I had to say. There was never a feeling of being rushed and our time together was nothing sort of amazing. I will be back!” – Nate, Feb 2024

Amazing girl

“I had a great time with Aubrey. She is not only beautiful but also incredibly sweet. I felt very taken care of and had a great conversation with her. Highly recommend!” – Ben S, Jan 2024


“Decided on a whim to go visit the ranch for the first time to fight off the holiday blues I’ve never been to the ranch before and I’m sure I looked nervous. Aubrey was exceptional taking time to make sure I was comfortable and relaxed. Absolutely unforgettable!!” – Anon, Dec 2023

Hotter than the nevada sun and soft as a dream

“Hotter than the nevada sun and soft as a dream. Her info doesnt lie she is a professional cuddle companion and one of the best I’ve ever had.” – Boston Jack, June 2023


“My night with Aubrey was an unforgettable one. I was surprised at how comfortable I felt in her presence within seconds of her approaching me at the bar, possessing a rare ability to get me to open up about my desires after only a few minutes of conversation. She makes an amazing first impression with her adorable smile and delicate, soothing voice. Once we were alone together, she brought out an overwhelmingly sensual atmosphere in the entire bungalow. The night kept getting hotter, culminating in a truly passionate experience that I’m still buzzing over days later. Just an awesome night from start to finish. On top of all that, if you are a fan of cuddling, Aubrey might be the best cuddler I’ve ever met in my life.” – Robert, June 2023


“Lovely, charming, and genuine” – Matt, May 2023

I feel like I went to a love doctor!

“Aubrey was the perfect person for me to meet on my first time here. I was nervous about how it would all happen coming to a place like this, but we clicked very well since I wanted to do the Nuru massage and I needed to have a deeper intuitive connection to someone. Aubrey is an expert! She is a real Tantric healer. The Nuru room is her favorite room. She calls it “Aubrey’s Room”. I feel like I went to a love doctor who healed me from many of years pain a loneliness. It was just what I needed! It really made me feel positive about places like this, which I think have too many negative stereotypes in our culture. Much love and respect to Aubrey! -Cheers! XOXO” – BE, May 2023

Planning on seeing her again!

”Had a really good time with her, she’s very soft spoken and really attractive in person too. Planning on seeing her again.” – Anon, May 2023


“Had an incredible time with Aubrey! She’s so beautiful and soft spoken and feminine. She’s also really endearing to talk to, like a genuine person. Makes me feel like I can just hang out and be comfortable and sexual. She’s very smart. She understands a lot about the male and female dynamic and what makes an experience so enjoyable and worthwhile.

She also gave me the best massage I’ve ever had. I STRONGLY recommend her and that experience when you’re visiting. You’ll have a really fun, relaxing and genuine, fulfilling time!…” – Anon, April 2023

My new favorite “vacation” activity!

“I have wanted to try a NURU experience for long time now and Aubrey was absolutely perfect in introducing me to my new favorite “vacation” activity! I had driven into a stay in Vegas, so it was nothing to drive out to the ranch. A nice easy drive actually, thinking about my upcoming appointment the whole way. I knew who I was seeing so I went straight for the bar. Shortly Aubrey joined me for a drink and we chatted. Hit ti off immediately like an old friend I hadn’t seen in a while, even though we just met. Very chill, very laid back. After a little chit-chat she took me on a short tour of the place, showed me the very cool themed Nuru room, an to her room to get the business out of the way. I had cleaned up before I left of course, but I still opted for a quick shower to freshen things after an hour drive. I lay out on the vinyl bed thing, and was suddenly covered with the super-slippery gel. The sensation of Aubrey’s body gliding around against mine was quite frankly the best feeling I have had in years. Maybe ever. The fun stuff continued… The time passed much too quickly and I can not WAIT for another trip! Thank you Aubrey, you’re are the best!” – BC, April 2023

An unforgettable experience!

“Had an amazing time with Aubrey. She caught my eye as soon as I walked in, she’s absolutely gorgeous. She has a really sweet, kind, and inviting personality. I was pretty nervous about going to a brothel for the first time and she put me at ease about everything. She is easy to communicate with and just a lot of fun to be with. It was really an unforgettable experience.” – Daniel, April 2023

Big Fan

“Aubrey was so incredible last week that I just had to have another party with her so we met up again a few days later. This second party was even better!
A word of warning before you see Aubrey. If you’re not careful she will have you mesmerized before you know it. Then you will be putty in her hands. Which, by the way, is awfully nice! Thank you, Aubrey, for another great evening! And thanks to the staff for providing such an inviting environment.” – Big Fan, Aug 2023

Had a fantastic time!

“Aubrey is very sweet, beautiful and accommodating. She provided an experience I won’t forget! Highly recommend spending time with her.“ – G, Sept 2023

She truly is an extraordinary lady.

”Aubrey is an absolute stunner with a smile that will leave you speechless! I highly, highly recommend spending time with her. This was my second time meeting up with her, and let me tell you, it was mind-blowing, especially in the back rooms. It’s a whole different level of intimacy! The first time I met her, I stayed in her room because I was a bit unsure, but this time was on another level. She really understands your preferences and suggests amazing options. I usually don’t write reviews, but she gave me a fresh new perspective on myself and created so many unforgettable memories. She truly is an extraordinary lady. Trust me, her reviews and profile don’t even come close to doing her justice until you’ve experienced her firsthand. It was an evening I’ll never forget, and I’m counting down the days until our next time together!” – Anon, Aug 2023

She is an amazing lady

”Last night I was fortunate enough to spend some quality time with Aubrey. She is an amazing lady. Everything you read in her reviews and on her profile page is true. But you can’t fully understand the wonders of Aubrey until you experience her yourself. Thank you, Aubrey, for a wonderful evening. I am anxiously awaiting my next encounter with you. And thanks to all the staff at Sheri’s Ranch for providing such a nice and comfortable environment for frolicking.” – Big Fan, Aug 2023

I will be back!

”A few months back, I spent a lovely afternoon with Aubrey; chatting, relaxing, and nuru massage abounded after YEARS of virtual communications and establishing a friendship. It was well worth the trip to Nevada to see if that bond was as strong in reality; she put me at ease, helped me relax, and we even had a little fun. She (and the Ranch) are on the map now. I will be back. :)” – Dana, Aug 2023


“Soft relaxing touch. Wonderful experience feeling energetic, relaxed, and stress free!” – C, Oct 2023

A Glorious Experience

“Such a perfect experience with a great down to earth lady!” – Brett, Oct 2023

Beautiful, sensuous woman

“I had the pleasure of spending an hour with Aubrey Haze this week. It was my first time visiting a brothel, and the first time I had been with any woman in quite a long time. I had high hopes, but I tried to also be realistic about the possibility that the experience could turn out to be disappointing, ranging from things like not being able to negotiate an agreement, to having performance problems, to not being able to establish a rapport, etc. I was delighted that, thanks to Aubrey, none of those concerns materialized. Instead, I experienced a wonderful hour of intimacy with a beautiful, sensuous woman who is also very smart, sweet, and caring. Thank you, Aubrey, for giving me such an unforgettable experience. I will always treasure the memory of the time we spent together.” – Gene, Aug 2023