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How do I book an appointment?

To ensure we get to meet, contact me to set up an appointment.

Do you take same day appointments?

I prefer you make an appointment, even if you need to re-arrange it closer to our date! If you’re requesting an appointment on the same day, try to contact me at least 3 hours prior to your desired time.

Do you see people of all genders?

Absolutely! Consent and enthusiasm from all participants is crucial, so I encourage couples to reach out in advance.

Can you accommodate special requests?

Let me know your requests in advance so I have adequate time to prepare!

Can I bring you gifts?

Certainly! While not obligatory, a thoughtful gift always leaves a lasting impression and makes me keen on our next meeting. Consider a gift from my wishlist.

Can I cancel my appointment?

I understand circumstances may arise that require you to cancel our date. Please communicate cancellation as soon as possible to be courteous!

Do you offer duos/threesomes?

Certainly! I have several playmates with whom I share great chemistry with. Feel free to inquire!

Is there anything I should do to prepare?

To ensure the best experience, I recommend avoiding caffeine, drugs, alcohol and heavy meals before our appointment. This way, we can both fully enjoy each other’s company without any discomfort.