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Tantra by Aubrey

Hi! I’m Aubrey! I grew up mostly in Alaska, now residing in Las Vegas, Nevada.¬†Listen, if you come see me, you’ll be greeted by a soft-spoken gal with milky soft extraordinarily white skin, intoxicating curves, and a soothing presence.

Beyond the physical, I love neuroscience and the very interesting science of connecting deeply with people. In other words, with me, I think you’ll experience way more than just a pretty face but a nice connection with a real human girl!

I’ll tell you something interesting… My secret is, I’m an expert with Nuru, and Tantra bodywork. If an amazing sensual session is something you find titillating, I’m your girl!

And look, you might be able to tell, I’m multi-dimensional. If cuddling and connecting is your thing, and feeling the warmth, acceptance and appreciation of my embrace and company, you’ll feel right at home with me.

There’s one more thing you get to experience you don’t get anywhere and that’s the nonjudgmental acceptance and freedom to explore your deepest desires with me…

Also, if you have a partner and you both want to experience something together with me, I happen to really REALLY enjoy that dynamic. God, that’s so hot!

If you’re catching a spark of interest inside you growing, now’s the time to book me. I’m here to have fun and hopefully you’ll have fun with me and connect with me and be wondrously satisfied!

Do this: Contact me now, and say hi, and let’s do something together. Feel free to share with me what you’d like, what you prefer, what you desire, etc. I look forward to meeting you in the flesh!

Aubrey Haze